How to find your ‘Target Audience’ on your Facebook business page!

I have been asked more and more lately about Facebook making it harder for small businesses to get their posts noticed, and yes Facebook do want you to pay to boost your posts, and it can be very effective if done right, but at the same time – I hate to break it to you….. it also has a lot to do with the content you are posting. If you are not posting content that your ‘target audience’ are going to interact with then your posts are going to go nowhere!Dart on Target and People

Your target audience is made up of people that can understand and engage with what you’re posting, they visit your social media platform / website for a reason. They’re people who will keep coming back to you, and bring new people to see what you have to offer too. The more you know and understand about your audience and their needs, the better you can prepare your content / posts.

To have a successful Marketing Strategy you need to know who your target market is  – this is the group that you want to sell your products / services to. Facebook have a very clever tool known as ‘Graph Search’ which is great for Learning about favourite interests and hobbies of your ‘page likes’, identifying competitors and what their ‘page likes’ are interested in, as well as, identifying potential business partnerships.

bigstock-Customer-Concept-45260935-300x200For example, in the search bar on Facebook type in “posts by people who like X” (X is your business name) or “Favourite interests of people who like X” (X is your business Name) Look out for interesting  topics and also for additional keywords to search for – For example, you may find that your audience is talking about “Game of Thrones”  You would probably not normally associate the TV programme with your business and therefore you wouldn’t necessarily search for it either, but it’s obviously important to your audience and potential customers.

So….. What can you do with that information?

You can now think of ways to integrate that kind of content in your posts. The key here is for you to talk about what they are interested in through your posts, but at the same time trying to relate it to your services / business.

Do another Graph Search for the groups they like Eg. “Groups joined by people who like X” (X being the Business Name)  or even search by using a certain location Eg. “Pages liked by people who like X in Inverness” (X being the Business Name) -find out if they have more than one interest in common, which can reveal trends in small subgroups.

When you can identify a complete profile of people in a subgroup it’s much easier to design shareable, engaging content.

Searching for your competitors—or even your own business—in Graph Search will show you all of the talk throughout the network. Eg. “Pages liked by people who like X” (X being Competitor Name or even your Business Name)

There’s a wealth of information to search for like company name, products or services, hashtags, comments, PR and reviews.Social engineering concept

Do a search on several of the above options to find out how competitors are engaging with their ‘likes’ – Are they commenting on or liking related posts? Knowing how competitors interact with people to increase their brand recognition gives you access to what’s working for your competitors, and most importantly, what isn’t!

The bottom line is that Facebook collects data from more than one fifth of the world’s population, making it one of the largest libraries for consumer insight. It can uncover some remarkable information, revealing a lot about your business, competitors and market – giving you insight and access to what your ‘likes’ are likely to engage with!


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